Harvard University MBA Scholarship 2021 – Fully Funded

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Scholarship Information

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Last Date To Apply:


Scholarship Category:

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Eligible Citizens:​

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Field of Study:

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About This Scholarship:

Boustany Foundation offers scholarships to help you pursue your dreams of graduating from Harvard in MBA. Harvard MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees accepted worldwide, you too can be one of the lucky candidates who secure it!

Eligible Persons:

Open to persons coming from any national background

Candidates who have secured admission offer from Harvard University

Pros for this Scholarship:

Harvard MBA scholarship is offered to highly competent candidates who secure a position at Harvard for their MBA. Though it is open to people from all nationalities, those coming of Lebanese descent will be prioritized.

About Boustany Foundation Harvard University MBA Scholarships – Autumn 2021:

Boustany Foundation is a public welfare trust which aims to provide social services to special persons and students. It offers scholarships at various levels and has helped a number of students fulfill their dreams. Boustany Foundation believes in the betterment of mankind and Harvard MBA scholarships are one of those initiatives. Its target is exceptionally special students who can outperform their competing fellows. It provides opportunities to the less privileged to erase the social and cultural differences between the privileged and the unprivileged.

It not only offers Harvard MBA scholarships but also offers the opportunity of pursuing an MBA at Cambridge. Ph.D. in Astronomy and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Cambridge are other significant additions to Boustany Foundation scholarships. Boustany Foundation’s Harvard MBA scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships which cover both tuition and accommodation expenses. Harvard MBA scholarship is offered once every two years at Harvard Business School. It covers expenses for two years course of the successful candidates.

Along with Harvard MBA scholarships, Boustany Foundation offers opportunities for internships as well.


Area of Harvard University Scholarship:

Harvard MBA scholarship is only for MBA students who have successfully qualified for Harvard Business School’s MBA program.

It also provides opportunities for internships for those candidates who hold an MBA degree with them. It is specifically for those candidates who have completed their MBA using Boustany Foundation’s scholarship.

Benefits of Harvard University MBA Scholarships:

Boustany Foundation’s Harvard University MBA scholarship covers tuition, travel, and accommodation expenses of the successful candidates. The award of scholarship for each year is $51,100 per annum, thus in to, the amount for two years is $102,200.

In the case of internship the travel and accommodation expenses, both, are covered Boustany Foundation. 

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Eligibility Criteria:

Harvard University MBA scholarship is only open to those candidates who have received an admission offer from Harvard University Business School. If a candidate has not qualified the requisites for admission there, they are not eligible to apply for Boustany Foundation’s Harvard University MBA scholarship.

Though candidates from all nationalities are eligible for Harvard MBA scholarships, Boustany Foundation gives special priority to those candidates who are of Lebanese descent. So, the aforementioned candidates will receive special attention from Boustany Foundation.

A strong academic record is one of the main prerequisites for  Harvard University MBA scholarships, as it may give you leverage on other potential candidates for this scholarship.

Application Procedure:

Once a candidate qualifies for admission at Harvard School of Business, they can contact the Boustany foundation as an applicant for the Harvard MBA scholarship.

They need to send a copy of their curriculum vitae, an acceptance letter from Harvard School of Business, a photograph of the candidate, and a GMAT scorecard. Mail account of Boustany Foundation for this purpose is: [email protected]

Once the candidate is shortlisted for an interview, they will be informed about it. The total number of scholarships awarded under this banner is one. The successful candidate will be offered a scholarship in the month of June 2021. 

How To Apply:

to apply for this scholarship click here 

for more detail click here

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