Australian National University Scholarship 2021 – Regolith Science

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Information About Australian National University Scholarship 2021

The Australian National University Scholarship application is still open!

The ANU College of Science is offering this fellowship to fund Honours or Coursework Masters student research in the subject of regolith science.

Please read through this article to understand all about this award, including the eligibility criteria, prerequisites, application deadline, and more. The table below gives you a general idea of what to expect.

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Eligibility Criteria for Australian National University Scholarship 2021

The award will be given to a prospective or current ANU student who meets the following criteria:

Studying level

enrolled or planning to enroll in an Honours or coursework Masters program in one of the following Colleges:

Bachelor’s degree in science;

Bachelor of Science (Advanced) Honours;

Bachelor’s degree in philosophy;

Advanced Master of Earth Sciences;

performing a research effort that is relevant to the area of regolith science as a whole. Laboratory, field, and/or modeling investigations can all be part of a project.

Field of Studies

Regolith Science is a company that specializes in regolith

Eligible Countries

A student from the United States or another country. 

The criteria for selection

The selection process will be based on academic merit as well as the eligibility criteria and application requirements. If the Selection Committee deems it necessary, a personal interview may be requested.


The fellowship provides a $5000 stipend, with an additional $5000 in funds available for research project financing.



How to Apply For Australian National University Scholarship

Students must fill out the application form at the top of this page to be considered. Each year, applications are accepted from August 31 to November 30.

To apply, simply click the BUTTON below.

Application Link


Additional information

The study of the weathered zone, which includes soils, sediments, weathered rocks, water, and biota, is referred to as regolith science. Regolith science is multidisciplinary, incorporating aspects of earth sciences (geology, geochemistry, and geophysics), environmental science, planetary science, geography, soil science, water resources, and biology to better understand landscape evolution, biogeochemical cycling of elements, groundwater, and surface water resources (quantity and quality), and human impacts.

Official website

We trust that your essay satisfied your scholarship requirements. Please share with your friends and leave a comment with your question or response. We’ll take care of you right away.

Students are required to apply using the application form at the top of this page. Applications open from 31st August to 30th November each year.

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