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On “ScholarhipsFeed.com” you can find scholarships according to your desire. This website is designed to save your time and to give desired  results to students in very less time.

We started with a slogan “Don’t waste time while finding scholarships“.  “Scholarships Feed is “One of best Scholarships finding website in the world“.

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Why we created?

           As a student, I can understand the importance and value of the time of a student. Most scholarships
sharing websites do not have a unique “User Interface(layout of web)” and it becomes difficult for students to understand the information related to them, as a result they lost a lot of time. 

          I feel this thing and took decision to build such a “Student, User and time friendly” website. The design of this website is unique and the content is easy to understand as everything is explained in a unique way (to the point). So that you(the visitor) can easy get information without reading long and complex paragraphs.

          There are a lot of websites which shares scholarships of different institutes & organizations from all countries for different grade levels. As every scholarship has its own rules and eligibility criteria, so it becomes very difficult for students to find scholarships according to their eligibility/requirements. Sometimes they spent many hours by visiting almost hundred pages, but at the end the chances of success are impossible. And as a result the students waste their valuable time.

          To avoid time wasting, we thought to make a website/portal where students could find scholarships according to their desire. So Admin created this website.  “ScholarshipsFeed.com

About Admins:

           Admins are two friends, I am teacher by profession and write content for this website and manage its social media. While my friend is a student and he loves to learn “Web Development, SEO and Graphics Design” in free time. 





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